Friday, May 17, 2013

Cruising on a Friday Afternoon

And today’s blog post is brought to you by the need to take advantage of a sale!  =D

Well THAT and finding a gift for both my mom and my sister.  I'm already late for my sister’s birthday (5/4)  and Mother’s Day (5/12), but I'm hoping that I can redeem myself with a very cool mini album.

Anywho, it just so happens that  I live within reasonable driving distance of Pinecone Press/Paper Arts Warehouse AND I signed up for their email alerts.  And what do I find in my inbox on Monday but their email telling me this kit was 30% off!!!  Oh Yeah!!!

Now I have a best friend who is also an Evil Enabler and she suggested we just head on over there and take a peek!  Yup….THAT’s my story and I'm sticking to it! 

Now, if it just sooooo happens that you are going on a cruise or someone you know is going on a cruise, well I found the perfect mini album to memorialize what could be a once in a lifetime trip.  You might just want to saunter over to Pinecone Press and take a look a their Cruise Ship Album kit.

Of course because I am nothing if not insane I didn’t just buy 1… ..I bought 2 kits.   I see some speed scrapping in my future! 

Check out the Pinecone Press Designs’ YouTube video that shows the entire mini album.  

I'm also linking a quick video I shot of what comes in the kit so you can see the contents of  the kit! 

Well…I’m going to get started on these albums….wait…maybe I should finish the layout pages I'm doing for my grandsons!  Yeah…yeah…finish those and then start on this album.

I have lots of fussy cutting to do since I have 2 albums to do and mom is coming over tonight, so hopefully I can do this stealth while we are watching a movie on TV!

Wish me luck! 

Mayra the MaddScrapper

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