Monday, May 13, 2013

Inspired by Purple

This cute little card is brought to you by PURPLE!  =) 


This little pretty is an "all purpose" card I made from scraps on hand using a technique I learned at one of the booths at ScrapbookExpo.  

The base paper with the leaves is plain white and I stamped all over it randomly two shades of purple and a few touches of olive green for contrast.  

I then ran a tissue across the paper and the ink came right off the enamel design.  Cool huh?  

A scrap of solid purple and a scrap of lavender polka dot mounted on the white card stock framed it quite nicely I think.  

I tore it on a couple of edges just to give it a touch of distressing and I inked the edges of the lavender polka dot paper to tie it all together.  

I added a little button and a piece of twine just because!  =P  

The inside is blank right now waiting for a sentiment …. that is If I can manage to give the card away!  =P

And as always instead of doing what I should be doing here I am looking at images to add to the blog.  I was looking for something clever to inspire us to declutter and organize!  Gawd only knows I need it!  =D  

However, instead I just found something inspirational so I'm sharing that instead.  I think I may have to add it to my walls once I'm done organizing the scrap room and figure out what color paint I'm going to get on the walls!  =)

Oh and I just happen to have a decorative curtain rod I bought but never used AND the curtain rings.  I knew I would have another use for them!!!  

What I Love is the ability to display our layouts outside of a traditional scrapbook and not sitting stuck on a book shelf or unopened on a coffee table!  THAT is a travesty!  We pour our creativity and hearts and souls into our displays with the goal to share them with others, how better to do that than to display them on our walls! 
Mayra the MaddScrapper

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